The Crown

New work published with Solis Magazine of 'The Crown' Fashion Editorial i shot last month.

It also had a wonderful feature with Whim Magazine along with an interview from myself of my bridal work.

'The Crown' was created around Claire Austin's new head piece designs with detailed sea shells.  I chose to photograph on the coast of my home town and it was on one of the hottest day's we've had!! So it was a little on the melting side for the team!

Hair: Tracie Gunningham @ Envy Hair

Head Pieces: Claire Austin

Make Up: Molly Russell

Model: Alex Reeve

Photographer: Emma Barrow

Stylist: Jo Chatterley

Photographer's Assistant: Clarice Jones

Love & Lemons

I'd had this concept for about a year and half and it's such a relief that last month I was finally able to photograph it and see my ideas come to life.

We photographed this editorial at the hidden gem of Sharpham Vineyard. 

The concept was to always have colour and after finding this location, it was created into a spanish / vineyard themed shoot. 

Intended to be a summer shoot, the actual day was the opposite. It rained through most of the shoot with the team carrying multiple umbrellas, wearing wellie boots and traipsing through red mud! 

It's not all glamour... Thank you to my hard working team on multitasking in the rain!


Hair: Layla Rebecca Smith – Instagrm: @Curioushairuk

Location: Sharpham Vineyard -

Make Up: Kasia Weblanska - 

Model: Mia @ Gingersnap Models - 

Photographer: Emma Barrow – 

Stylist: Natalie Watts - 



Alex & Lewis

I arrived at Langdon Court in the morning welcomed by Alex and her bridesmaids. They were all busy spread across the rooms preparing their make up and enjoying the early stages of the day.
I started with photographing all the special and important bridal details before attending to the girls.

Later we were welcomed with Alex's niece and nephew with her niece sporting her beautiful glittery tiara and shoes!

Alex and the girls hair were beautifully styled by Debbie Herbert with Alex, her mum and sister's make up by Emma Green.

Alex's maid of honour helped with the finishing touches before revealing the bride to the rest of the girls.


The ceremony took place at Wemburgh Church looking out on to the coast. I said my hello's to Lewis where he was greeting the guests into the church. Wemburgh is a beautiful intimate place and it was perfect for the couple and their guests.

Alex arrived at the church shortly after her bridesmaids with emotions building all round. The bridal party along with the brides father waited excitably outside the church door ready to enter.

With Lewis eagerly waiting for her, Alex walked down the aisle to him with Lucy Anna singing.

The ceremony was intimate, emotional and humorous! After the vows, readings and signing of the registrar the couple walked out into a shower of confetti from all their guests.


While the guests moved on to the reception at Langdon Court where they were welcomed with a set from Lucy Anna - the couple and myself spent some moments together around the church for some bride and groom photos. 

The rain started to kick in but it wasn't going to stop everyone enjoying the day. We carried on and continued to photograph more bridal images at Langdon Court around their stunning grounds. The gardens and venue were truly perfect for the couples theme. I just love the flowers by H Watts.

After the bridal photos we moved swiftly into the formal photos in the gardens of Langdon.


The venue was beautifully decorated throughout with the couple putting their own touch to it.


After a delicious three course meal it was time for the speeches! Full of laughter, embarrassment and memorable stories.

Evening guests were welcomed and were entertained with the instax camera and pic n mix.
Double Decks Disco provided the musical entertainment all night for the guests kicking things off with the first dance and bouquet throw!

Ending the night for me was the cake cut with the wedding cake by 'Little Lark Cake company' and the couple also had cheese cakes! I love the toppers!

Congratulations Alex & Lewis!

Wedding Team

DJ: John Cudlipp - Double decks disco

Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS

Bouquet / Florist / Decor: H Watts Florist

Cake: Little Lark Cake company

Dress: Prudence gowns

Hair Stylist: Debbie Herbert

Make Up Artist: Emmie Green

Groom/Groomsmen - Suits: Moss Bros.

Venue: Langdon Court Hotel / St Werburghs Church

Singer: Lucy Anna

Cheese Cake: Waitrose

Brooke & David


A gorgeous summer wedding at Ugborough Church & Shilstone House for Brooke & David.

The day started with Brooke and her bridal party getting ready at home. But before i got started there was an early surprise for Brooke from her Dad - a Car. The photos speak for itself, she was pretty chuffed!


I walked in to see six blush pink bridesmaid dresses and another dress for the little one all lined up with each bridesmaids own gift box below, tied with a balloon.


The bride opened gifts from the groom and bridal party before watching her girls open theirs.

While the girls were getting ready - my second shooter was off at 'The Ship' pub photographing the groom, groomsmen and guests before the ceremony.


It was finally time for Brooke to get into her Dress, with her mum there to help.

It was then on to Ugborough Church where the ceremony was taking place.

After the confetti throw the guests were transported in style by a vintage bus to the reception at Shilstone House.

The guests arrived at Shilstone House with welcome drinks, canapés and entertainment from wedding singer Steve Dott.


My favourite part of the day was wisking the couple off around the grounds of Shilstone to photograph their couple shots.

The marquee was beautifully styled with my favourite decor being the giant pink and white hanging balls.

After the guest's three course meal, speeches were made followed by the cutting of the cake - gorgeously made by 'Love Cakes'.

The evening kicked off with the remaining guests arriving and the eagerly awaiting bouquet throw.

The first dance was with Ellie Goulding's 'How long will i love you.' And then the party started with the first set by band 'The Vibes'.

My evening with the couple ended with them surrounded by sparklers on the lawn of Shilstone.
A beautiful day all round. 

Wedding Team

Band: The Vibes

Bridal Accessories:  Sam Cox- Veil, Next: Shoes

Bridesmaid Dresses: Coast

Cake: Love Cakes

Dress: Sam Cox - Essense of Australia

Florist/Venue Décor: Caroline (friend)

Hair Stylist: Naomi Baines

Make Up Artist: Lena Key

Groom/GroomsmenMoss Bros

Photographer: Emma Barrow Photography

Singer: Steve Dott

Videographer: Dove Films

Bus Hire: King Harry Coaches

Venue: Ugborough Church and Shilstone House

Emma & David


My first wedding of the year was last month for David & Emma at Watersmeet Hotel in Woolacombe, North Devon. 

Emma & David have been together for 18 years, engaged for 12 years with 5 children!
They finally had their dream day and celebrated their relationship and family. They had a small and simple affair with their closest friends and family celebrating alongside them.

The day started with Emma getting ready at Woolacombe Bay hotel whilst David was waiting anxiously not too far away, alongside their children at Watersmeet Hotel. 

Emma arrived with her bridal party beeping her way around the coast announcing her arrival.

The ceremony took place in the hotel's ceremony room which looked out onto the North Devon Coast. Sweet words were exchanged by the couple with their children as the ring bearers adding another personal touch to the day.

The reception took place outside on the balcony and lawn. With the bride and groom greeting and catching up with their guests.

Following the reception were the formal photos and Bride & Groom photos. I took the bride and groom towards the bottom of the grounds of the hotel to give them privacy and a moment together.

The wedding breakfast took place in the restaurant of the hotel over looking the grounds and beaches. All the guests were mixed up and spread across the tables with each child of the couple as head of the table, enabling the guests to get to know each other bettter.

Wedding Team

Flowers: Sweet Williams Flowers

Hair: Changing Faces

Cake: Cakebox, Umberleigh

DJ – Inspired Party

Venue: Watersmeet Hotel

Venue: Woolacombe Bay Hotel 

Creche – Gilly, Helping Hands

Photographer – Emma Barrow

Looking to book your wedding photographer? Get in touch with your enquiry, i'd love to chat and hear all about your wedding plans!

Wilderness Wonder

Owner Ben & Chloe

Owner Ben & Chloe



My new fashion editorial has been published with Salyse Magazine 

Shot a couple months ago, i created this concept with my team to photograph model Chloe Jasmine.

Dartmoor Zoo were incredibly courteous and allowed us to photograph in amazing spaces around the zoo. This was a perfect location to photograph Chloe putting together her personality with elegance and sophistication. 



Hair Stylist: Liam Dawson -

Location: Dartmoor Zoo –

Make Up Artist: Joanne Bates –

Model: Chloe Jasmine Whichello -

Photographer: Emma Barrow –

Stylist:  Natalie Watts -

Lead the Way

My new fashion editorial is now out and published with The Alchemist Magazine.

When they say 'Don't work with children & animals' they had some sense! What with being allergic and having a fear of dogs, this was definitely out of my comfort zone!!

So i decided to work with a Great can't get much bigger than that for a dog so i was really pushing my limits. Eventually i did get used to Lex and we got on quite well (from a distance!)

It's not all glamorous! Here's some behind the scenes from the shoot with Lex (not so much behaving for the camera!)


Hair and Make up Artist - Laura Elisabeth Avery 

Model - Roxy Skrabka 

Photographer - Emma Barrow Photography

Photographer’s Assistant - Clarice Jones

Styslit - Natalie Watts 

Dog - Lex / Owner - Karolina Kozlowska 

Garrison Tailors

A couple months ago i had the pleasure of photographing Garrison Tailors new collection. 


We shot over two days in two different locations fitting Garrison Tailors and their Peaky Blinders look perfectly.


Garrison Tailors is a luxury menswear brand made in Britain

Behind the Scenes

Pre Wed Shoot Alex & Lewis

Last week i photographed Alex & Lewis' pre wedding shoot. We shot in a beautiful woodland location in Devon and surprise surprise, it rained!! Luckily we were sheltered by the trees so we weren't interrupted or dripped on.

I really enjoy this part of working with my bridal clients as i get to know them more, understand how they are with a camera and they get to know me too and can relax and trust in me for their wedding day.

The Value of a Professional Photographer, or: ‘Can I Have All the Unedited Photos?’

I get asked this question quite often and i always have to give the short version, which is This blog is the perfect answer and explanation to the questions and statements 'Can i have some more, you don't need to edit them, i wont show anyone, i'll credit you.'
I don't want to be handing out my images that aren't complete - that isn't my work. And you deserve the images delivered to you at the best quality.

Below you will learn the reasons why us photographer's say no to giving out unedited photos.


Every photographer has gotten the question after a successful shoot: “The photos look great, but can I get the rest of them just in case I need them later? You don’t need to edit them or anything.”

If you’re here for the short answer, the answer is no, but it’s important to me for people to understand why. Throughout this post, you will see side by side photos comparing a completely unedited photo, next to the final edited shot. Using advanced psychology trickery, by the end of the article, you will realize that you don’t even want my unedited photos.


I don’t say no to this request because I’m greedy or want to say no just because I can. It’s not because I’m lazy and don’t feel like dealing with it. But rest assured, I’m not withholding that one killer photo.

“But what’s the harm?”

This is my attempt at a succinct explanation of why it’s not that simple.

These photos are supposed to be edited. No, really.

You may be familiar with the terms RAW and JPEG, they are image file types. The most copy editing I did on this post was to make this section much shorter and less technical about the properties and benefits of RAW images, but that’s for another day.

The basics of it are that JPEGs are what you upload to Facebook, Instagram, or get printed. RAW files (this is what comes right out of my camera) contain much more information, including a significantly larger amount of color and texture details in the shadow and highlight areas, and software like Photoshop, Lightroom, or iPhoto is required to even be able to open them. If I sent them to you as they came out of the camera, you couldn’t do anything with them without running them through special software.


Every professional photographer shoots RAW photos because having all that information is better than having less (like in a JPEG). The catch: RAW photos that come out of the camera generally look sub-par. They’re flat with bad contrast with dull colors. Until the photo is edited, the image is not finished, and that’s by design.

A RAW photo is a carpenter having a wood shop full of tools and materials to build a table, and the ability to create whatever he wants. A JPEG is buying a table at the store, you either like it as is, or you don’t, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

My editing is part of my process, my product, and my style. It’s part of why you hired me.

The way that I edit is a crucial component of my photography. My style and skill as a photographer encompass other things like framing, timing, and a whole host of other skills, but the photo is not the finished product that I’m proud to put my name on until I’m done the editing. If you’re baking Thanksgiving dinner, you don’t pull the turkey out half way through cooking and serve it!

The edited images shown here are what I want to represent me. That’s the kind of work that’s on my website, and it’s the caliber that I want people to expect. Below are several more examples of a side-by-side comparison of a totally untouched RAW photo and my completed edits.

I’ve been culling photos since I bought my first camera, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it!

These photos you never see are the outtakes, the blurry shots, the duplicates (my god, so many duplicates). For any given photo you do see, there may be dozens or hundreds that are slight variations on it that are all a little bit less good. Eyes closed, hair in face, maybe a dog ran in front of the camera (that actually has happened a lot). I’ve spent my time combing through all of them, doing side-by-side comparisons until I landed on the best ones.

I will never have two different photos that are both great and only give you one of them. The selection process is to whittle down the excess, exposing the heart of the shoot so I can give you what you need: quality, professional photos.

At the end of the day, you need professional-quality images, and my assignment is to provide them. “Professional-quality” meaning, photos that perfectly fit the mood of the shoot, and this often includes photos that seem like “outtakes”—laughing between poses, casually relaxing, making a goofy face. Professional-quality doesn’t mean no character or no fun.

Do you really want to look through 5,000 of these?

Do you really want to look through 5,000 of these?

How are you to trust that I chose the best photos and didn’t skip the better ones? Chalk it up to the thousands of hours I’ve spent looking at photos and paying attention to what makes them good or not. My ability to choose the best images for the assignment is one aspect of what I’m being hired for. Delivering 10,000 mediocre photos is not respectful of the recipient’s time, because they shouldn’t have to do my sorting work for me.

Not to say some jobs don’t require client input, of course—I simply mean that once the selects are made and everything is approved, asking for the rest of them just for good measure is unnecessary.

There has already been an agreement.

There’s always an agreed upon plan of action before going into a shoot, and part of that plan is what the expectations are in terms of number of photos that are needed (sometimes a specific amount, sometimes a range, depending on the project). This is the responsibility of a photographer to be clear about. The fact is, the photographer’s price has taken into account the final number of photos being delivered, both from a usage/licensing and a time-spent-editing standpoint. Because all the photos can’t be easily or quickly delivered, this means more time for the photographer beyond what you both had established was going to be happening.

Of course, things happen, and sometimes more photos are needed for one reason or another. Be aware that there may be additional charges for processing more images, but the simplest thing to do is just to always stay in communication throughout the process and things will pan out.

So where does this leave us?

My hope is that I have either reached some non-photographers who never thought about it this way, and will know for the future. This topic is hard! Nobody wants to disappoint somebody else, especially when they’re being paid.

And communicate! Problems surrounding this question generally can be very easily dealt with by communicating expectations before the shoot, during the stage where all the other details are being worked out. 
But my hope here is that if you’re reading this, and are someone who will hire a photographer in the future—hey, maybe even me!—that you will have a deeper understanding of the photographer’s point of view. And I hope you know that we aren’t saying no because we’re jerks.

Find a photographer whose work you like, who you trust, and trust their process.

Ocean Bridal

Published with Pasties & Petticoats

An ocean themed bridal editorial shot on the beautiful Cornish coast at Lusty Glaze Beach.  The shoot was shot over several locations at Lusty Glaze, covering their beach and venue.

All Devon & Cornwall based vendors came together to create this bridal editorial. Living near the coast and seeing these wonderful locations, I chose to shoot a bridal editorial bringing these coastal elements together. With this shoot I wanted to show future brides and grooms the beautiful Cornish coast and how they can incorporate this into their wedding.

With bespoke headpieces from Claire Austin to accessorise with Ailsa Munro's bespoke wedding dresses and perfected with Clare Kilgour's bouquets. These beautiful designs were modeled by 25 Model Management's Frey Nielsen with a fresh bridal look created by Tamara of Coco Milk Make up artistry and hair by Layla Smith.

The cake was beautifully made and sculptured by Jen of Edible Essence with accompany themed stationary by Anon Design.

Accessories: Claire Austin -  Insta: @claireaustinengland

Cake: Edible Essence Cake Co. - Insta: @edibleessence

Florist: Clare Kilgour – Insta: @clare_elizabeth_kilgour

Hair Stylist: Layla Smith – Insta: @curioushairuk

Location: Lusty Glaze Beach - Insta: @lustyglazebeach

Make Up Artist: Coco Milk Make Up Artistry - Insta: @cocomilkmakeupartistry

Models: 25 Model Management - Insta: @25modelmgmt

Photographer: Emma Barrow – Insta: @barrow_emma 

Photographer’s Assistant: Marie Lepage

Wardrobe: Ailsa Munro - Insta: @ailsamunrodressmaker

Stationary: Anon Design - Insta: @anon_design

Here you can see a before and after, i just had to show this because it was freezing whilst we were shooting and poor Frey (model) was so cold her hands had gone purple - as we were on a tight schedule we let Frey warm up and Claire stepped in for me (by team vote of best hands) to let me photograph her head pieces on her hands! Thank you Claire!

Botanical Bridal

'Botanical Garden’ was the theme for this shoot. I wanted to create an elegant and classic twist to a woodland themed wedding. Green and white were the key colours alongside hints of oak wood. An orangery venue with large grounds and gardens was a perfect fit for this concept.

Published in the May / June 2017 issue of Your Devon & Cornwall Wedding Magazine 

Not quite the spring day we wanted (typical!) it was a rainy, miserable day but with this stunning venue and team we were still able to create beautiful spring wedding images.

The Team

Accessories: Claire Austin -

Cake: Edible Essence Cake Co. -

Florist: Bloom & Flourish -

Hair Stylist: Tracie Gunningham -

Location: Deer Park Country House & Hotel -

Make Up Artist: Rebecca Searle -

Models: James B & Anna H - Gingernsnap Model Agency -

Photographer: Emma Barrow –

Photographer’s Assistant: Abbie Cooper

Stationary: The Wedding Hub -

Videographer: Daniel Gindrod -

Wardrobe: Te Amo - // The Wedding Company –

Tangerine Dreams

All the way back in February I collaborated with a new team of creatives to bring this Spring shoot together. Currently undergoing refurbishment, i thought i may as well use the space so i shot this at my partners new house. It was a little dusty and cold...but those sash windows!!

So while half the team were suffering from the sniffles in the one, cluttered room we could use - we did actually do quite well!

Now published in the latest issue of AFI Magazine

FLOWERS: Flowers by Amanda

FLOWER CROWNS: Bird Nest Boutique UK

HAIR: Bridgette Caple Hair and Make up Weddings Devon Cornwall

MAKE UP: Joanne Bates

MODEL: Elisha G – Gingersnaps Model



I want to explain and give advice to my brides and grooms regarding certain events throughout a wedding day. And why it is crucial that as much information as possible is shared with me!

Surprise! We broke out into a dance/song/important moment, which the photographer had no idea about.


The photographer (me) to run around flailing my arms whilst trying to locate the correct lens for the situation, thus missing important surprise or capturing things like arms & feet because they had a 70-200mm lens on (aka paparazzi lens!) 


LET ME KNOW! I won't tell i promise! The time to tell me is BEFORE the wedding day, when we finalise our details this is when you should mention it to me.

This couple pre-warned me about using sparklers at the end of the wedding. This gave me good time to get my lens selection out and camera ready! Especially as sparklers only burn for a very short time!

Knowing this ahead gave me the time to test out the lighting and set up my equipment accordingly.

A surprise VW Camper van to escort the bride and her bridesmaids to her wedding venue. One of the bridesmaids got in touch with me before the wedding to inform me of this surprise. I placed this into my schedule and arrived early to capture these moments. The bride was so excited! think she may not have had any photos to look back on!

(images below)
I knew that the groom had a gift for the bride and so i made sure i was around for when she opened it. This sparked such an emotional moment and one the bride shared with her mother. This also allowed her husband to see her reaction to his gift in my photos!

Sherbert Lights

Im excited to share with you my new editorial published with Promo Magazine

I've had this concept for well over a year and there was never the right time to shoot it until now. My team and myself shot this story back In February with not so great weather conditions...but you can't tell right?

Photo Credit: Emma Barrow

Photo Credit: Emma Barrow

The weather (as usual) wasn't on our side so we were in and out dodging the rain, hurricane wind and the team trying to keep the model warm! But we had fun and you can see Amy giving it a whirl on the roller skates!
(I had to resist the donuts!)

Behind The Scenes Photo Credit: Isabelle Luscombe

Hair Stylist: Layla Rebecca Smith
Make Up Artist: Rebecca Searle
Model: Amy Coles
Photographer: Emma Barrow
Stylist: Jo Chatterly
Photographer's Assistant : Isabelle Luscombe

Choosing your Wedding Venue

When it comes to booking your wedding venue most couples make their decision based on its sentimental value or on its appeal - it could really just be the perfect wedding venue and they don't want to get married anywhere else! But it's not that simple.

There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding venue and i hope the following doesn't scare you too much!

Accessibility, backdrop, space, permission.

With photographer's (and me especially) I need to know everything about the venue. It's crucial to know which areas of the venue is accessible to photograph and not just to enter, but to be able to physically move in that space! In the past i've attended weddings, events, shoots where it wasn't made quite clear on the space of the venue i was shooting in. Even if i have scouted the venue, things can always change!

The main spots to look out for at your venue is the ceremony room, where the speeches are held and the location for the formal photos.

Ceremony Room
This is where the marriage actually happens! So you want to make sure those beautiful memories are captured! Most registrars are extremely kind and generous to photographers. They allow the photographer their time to capture what they need and a discussion of where everyone will be placed happens before the ceremony. This way everyone knows who is where and images can be captured without interruption & failure!

I was able to shoot so many angles from this ceremony location! Perfect.

This is an example of a smaller ceremony room. The registrar was happy with me being down the front - then i was able to move to the back of the room for another angle at the end of the ceremony.

So both work - but you have to bare in mind where it's possible for the photographer to stand during these times.

Formal Photos
Most of the time i will have run through where these images will be taken with the couple. They will have chosen their perfect backdrop for these crucial photos. BUT i always have a plan A and B. If outside then this is totally weather dependant. You may want your photographs taken infront of the most beautiful backdrop but if the sun is out (yay for everyone, not the photographer) then the light will be too strong UNLESS there is shade. If it rains, then Plan B is go and we move inside to where we decided would be best (with space) to take these photos. 

Below you can see Plan A, the couple really wanted some family photos there so we shot those and because of the rain we had to shoot the rest of the guests inside which luckily had a pretty backdrop!

                             Plan A

                             Plan A

                             Plan B

                             Plan B

A beautiful, hot day with the sun at its highest point beaming down...yes creating shadows and wincing faces!! I quickly took to my Plan B to find some shade!! Here we still had the use of a pretty backdrop, everything lit, no blinking and everyone still enjoying the sun!

A beautiful, hot day with the sun at its highest point beaming down...yes creating shadows and wincing faces!! I quickly took to my Plan B to find some shade!! Here we still had the use of a pretty backdrop, everything lit, no blinking and everyone still enjoying the sun!

Anther extremely hot summers day, sun at its highest point blinding all the guests. - I took to plan B...No shade to be seen anywhere, oh dear. So I had them face away from the sun creating even light across everyone avoiding shadows and sun spots on their faces. And with a pretty backdrop!

Anther extremely hot summers day, sun at its highest point blinding all the guests. - I took to plan B...No shade to be seen anywhere, oh dear. So I had them face away from the sun creating even light across everyone avoiding shadows and sun spots on their faces. And with a pretty backdrop!

This is usually before or after the sit down meal. Normally the bridal party are on a long table with dozens of tables surrounding them. This is great in a large venue, i can stand at the back out the way and move around freely and shoot from various angles.

Sometimes there is a projector for the best man's speech, a videographer with a 3 camera set up and to make things worse large & low centre pieces...this is a nightmare especially in a smaller room. I'll be forever dodging these elements in a very small space. I'll manage it! But it could also limit your images. 

Small room but still accessible, just from less various angles.

Small room but still accessible, just from less various angles.

It can really help when speakers move out of the bridal table, it gives me more access and also the guests at the back can see and hear better!

It can really help when speakers move out of the bridal table, it gives me more access and also the guests at the back can see and hear better!

These are just a couple things to think about from a photographer's point of view. Be it a teeny tiny room or one you can get lost in. You make both work if you think about these elements.

After all your wedding photos will forever be a reminder of your wonderful wedding day, so take a few steps back and see what your venue can give to you.

Spring Bridal Editorial

Back in October 2016 i was driving past a bridal store and something caught my eye instantly. It was Charlotte Balbier's beautiful dresses. I had to photograph them.

A concept was made and myself and my team shot some of Charlotte's dresses on the coast of Plymouth. 5 months later and the editorial was published with Devon's issue of WED Magazine.

Model: Roksana Skrabka
Dresses: The Wedding Company, Plympton // Charlotte Balbier
Flowers: Flourish
Accessories: Clare Kilgour
Hair: Tracie Gunningham @ Envy - Hair Salon
Make Up: Rebecca Searle Make Up Artist

Brooke & David Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding shoots with me is a perfect opportunity to shake off those nerves of being in front of the camera. Many, MANY of my clients tell me that they dislike having their photo taken or 'only photograph my left side' and 'oh he can't smile..' The one where Chandler can't smile - comes to mind. (For you FRIENDS fans) No worries, i understand! Im exactly the same when I'm in front of one, i can just about handle a selfie! But behind the camera, i can direct you and build you with confidence all ready for your wedding day. But not only do you learn a few tips, you leave with a brand new collection of images of you both! You get to see how amazing you both look together and start to feel excited for those wedding photographs. 

These images can be used personally, as gifts, printed for your grandma's kitchen wall... or even used in many ways for your wedding! So many perks to this shoot, honestly.

So my advice to you before hand is don't panic and don't feel like its a burden and something you want over instantly. Enjoy it! Dress up, have your hair and make up done - put on your best wardrobe and show your couple-ness off!

As an editorial photographer i shoot several different looks around one location and this is why i encourage a few different wardrobe changes so to create that varied collection of photographs. We will shoot in your desired location creating images under basic, yet creative direction. 

How often do you get the chance to have editorial photographs taken of you?! 

Model Workshop

This creative model workshop was a pleasure to photograph. It was Izzy's first time in front of the camera and especially on this scale!

My team and I came together to create a look to suit Izzy for her age and style working through several different looks to create a varied portfolio. 
With this being Izzy's first shoot to start her portfolio, she started pretty big! She had to work with hair, make up and a stylist then bring that all together in front of my camera.

With a first shoot I can see immediately how the model is going to work. What their go to natural poses and habits are like. I work with this and tweak them to improve on posture and awareness. Throughout the shoot the model will learn where I'm correcting them and will start to put this into practise. 

If you are looking at starting a modelling career, have an interest in modelling or just want some lovely photos!! - Look through the different options of workshops to see which suits you best and get in touch! 
(Below is the option Izzy chose)

I would love to help you start your portfolio, update your work or just simply create some beautiful portraits for yourself.

Behind the scenes credit Eleanor Stobbart Photography & Emma Barrow Photography

Classic Black & White

Recently i got my hands on some location lighting kit - At Last!! So I put a little shoot together between myself, Lucy and Miriam to create these classic beauty shots.

Hairstylist: Hair by Mims
Model: Lucy
Photographer: Emma Barrow


© 2017 Emma Barrow Photography