Photographer Workshop Location

Photographer Workshop Location


Exclusive one to one or group portfolio workshop

Model + Full creative team

3 hour shoot includes one concept covering several techniques and situations with tips and advice given to understand how to work with a professional team.

With a full creative team workshop you will go through the following:

Briefing; Discuss the mood board with the team.
Outline what you want from each team member.

Shoot: Each photographer will have their chance to work & photograph with the model.

Review of images / making selection choices.

Discuss: Pre / Post work around a shoot. How it all comes together.

Review of current portfolio

Receive a portfolio of images


Apply retainer50 to pay the 50% retainer

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Please take note that a 50% retainer is required to secure your booking. The rest of the payment is due 1 week before the session.

Costs are based within 20 miles of the city of Plymouth. Additional costs occur for sessions outside of this radius.

Payment via website or bank transfer

A model release form / booking form will also need to be filled and signed to complete the booking.

Refunds & Cancellations
In the event of a cancellation from the client, the retainer is non refundable and will be considered as liquidated damages. If cancellation is made for reasons from the photographer, a refund of the container will be made or if full payment has been made then a full refund is granted.

Sessions must be booked within 3 months of the purchase date. If the shoot needs to be postponed there is an allowance of up to 3 months to re book from that date. Studio fees will need to be re paid for re booking if studio has been chosen. After this period the shoot becomes void and full payment will need to be made to re book.