Lead the Way

My new fashion editorial is now out and published with The Alchemist Magazine.

When they say 'Don't work with children & animals' they had some sense! What with being allergic and having a fear of dogs, this was definitely out of my comfort zone!!

So i decided to work with a Great Dane...you can't get much bigger than that for a dog so i was really pushing my limits. Eventually i did get used to Lex and we got on quite well (from a distance!)

It's not all glamorous! Here's some behind the scenes from the shoot with Lex (not so much behaving for the camera!)


Hair and Make up Artist - Laura Elisabeth Avery 

Model - Roxy Skrabka 

Photographer - Emma Barrow Photography

Photographer’s Assistant - Clarice Jones

Styslit - Natalie Watts 

Dog - Lex / Owner - Karolina Kozlowska