I want to explain and give advice to my brides and grooms regarding certain events throughout a wedding day. And why it is crucial that as much information as possible is shared with me!

Surprise! We broke out into a dance/song/important moment, which the photographer had no idea about.


The photographer (me) to run around flailing my arms whilst trying to locate the correct lens for the situation, thus missing important surprise or capturing things like arms & feet because they had a 70-200mm lens on (aka paparazzi lens!) 


LET ME KNOW! I won't tell i promise! The time to tell me is BEFORE the wedding day, when we finalise our details this is when you should mention it to me.

This couple pre-warned me about using sparklers at the end of the wedding. This gave me good time to get my lens selection out and camera ready! Especially as sparklers only burn for a very short time!

Knowing this ahead gave me the time to test out the lighting and set up my equipment accordingly.

A surprise VW Camper van to escort the bride and her bridesmaids to her wedding venue. One of the bridesmaids got in touch with me before the wedding to inform me of this surprise. I placed this into my schedule and arrived early to capture these moments. The bride was so excited! think she may not have had any photos to look back on!

(images below)
I knew that the groom had a gift for the bride and so i made sure i was around for when she opened it. This sparked such an emotional moment and one the bride shared with her mother. This also allowed her husband to see her reaction to his gift in my photos!