Sherbert Lights

Im excited to share with you my new editorial published with Promo Magazine

I've had this concept for well over a year and there was never the right time to shoot it until now. My team and myself shot this story back In February with not so great weather conditions...but you can't tell right?

Photo Credit: Emma Barrow

Photo Credit: Emma Barrow

The weather (as usual) wasn't on our side so we were in and out dodging the rain, hurricane wind and the team trying to keep the model warm! But we had fun and you can see Amy giving it a whirl on the roller skates!
(I had to resist the donuts!)

Behind The Scenes Photo Credit: Isabelle Luscombe

Hair Stylist: Layla Rebecca Smith
Make Up Artist: Rebecca Searle
Model: Amy Coles
Photographer: Emma Barrow
Stylist: Jo Chatterly
Photographer's Assistant : Isabelle Luscombe