Model Workshop

This creative model workshop was a pleasure to photograph. It was Izzy's first time in front of the camera and especially on this scale!

My team and I came together to create a look to suit Izzy for her age and style working through several different looks to create a varied portfolio. 
With this being Izzy's first shoot to start her portfolio, she started pretty big! She had to work with hair, make up and a stylist then bring that all together in front of my camera.

With a first shoot I can see immediately how the model is going to work. What their go to natural poses and habits are like. I work with this and tweak them to improve on posture and awareness. Throughout the shoot the model will learn where I'm correcting them and will start to put this into practise. 

If you are looking at starting a modelling career, have an interest in modelling or just want some lovely photos!! - Look through the different options of workshops to see which suits you best and get in touch! 
(Below is the option Izzy chose)

I would love to help you start your portfolio, update your work or just simply create some beautiful portraits for yourself.

Behind the scenes credit Eleanor Stobbart Photography & Emma Barrow Photography