Brooke & David Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding shoots with me is a perfect opportunity to shake off those nerves of being in front of the camera. Many, MANY of my clients tell me that they dislike having their photo taken or 'only photograph my left side' and 'oh he can't smile..' The one where Chandler can't smile - comes to mind. (For you FRIENDS fans) No worries, i understand! Im exactly the same when I'm in front of one, i can just about handle a selfie! But behind the camera, i can direct you and build you with confidence all ready for your wedding day. But not only do you learn a few tips, you leave with a brand new collection of images of you both! You get to see how amazing you both look together and start to feel excited for those wedding photographs. 

These images can be used personally, as gifts, printed for your grandma's kitchen wall... or even used in many ways for your wedding! So many perks to this shoot, honestly.

So my advice to you before hand is don't panic and don't feel like its a burden and something you want over instantly. Enjoy it! Dress up, have your hair and make up done - put on your best wardrobe and show your couple-ness off!

As an editorial photographer i shoot several different looks around one location and this is why i encourage a few different wardrobe changes so to create that varied collection of photographs. We will shoot in your desired location creating images under basic, yet creative direction. 

How often do you get the chance to have editorial photographs taken of you?!