Model Workshop - Zayli

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing a young girl on her first model shoot. 

I am always aware when it's someone's first time in front of the camera. It's a scary thing!! I know, I've been there - but I chose a photographer I was comfortable with and then it was easy-ish... (always prefer to be behind the camera and not in front!) 
So - To make the model comfortable I explain the process of the shoot before we start and make sure they are reminded and understand what's involved. I also show some images to the model of themselves during the shoot to explain why i am asking them to do something. This can be for posture mainly, and this way they see for themselves how they look and the difference between poses where they can improve on posing immediately.

For Zayli this was a one to one Model Portfolio shoot and her style was a commercial look. She immediately had that friendly, catalogue look so I worked with that. Being winter and with Zayli choosing to shoot outside, we went with a winter wardrobe theme. (Yes we were on the beach but who doesn't enjoy the British seaside in the wind and rain in December?) Of course we made it work and we resulted in a great start to her model portfolio. 


Modelling is a scary thing and in front of a camera it can feel 10 times worse! But with my shoots I look at the potential in the model and insure that they leave feeling positive with a fab collection of images to help them move on to the next stage. 

Zayli has walked away with a brief insight into modelling and how a shoot of varied looks works. She received a collection of images from the shoot along with prints to kick start her portfolio.

Beautiful lustre prints delivered in a black matt box to keep your portfolio images safely presented.

Emma Barrow